Bjørn Svin is a Danish music producer. The characteristic music and concert style he has been developing since the early 90s is cherished by many fans in Scandinavia. His dedication to detail in the studio really comes across in his work. He has invested years to master the studio technology needed to reach a form of melodic, rhythmic and timbral perfection.

Endless Process is proud to have as its debut, his deepest and most personal al- bum to date. Its called ‘2 point 5 step pets’ and was composed, recorded and mixed between Berlin and Copenhagen over the last couple of years.

Its long durations and evolving pathways up and down the sonic spectrum, gives the music a spatial geometry both deep and wide, extending horizontally through recorded time and towering vertically through the full frequency range. We get to ride trains underwater ( reswim ) or roller coasters through air bubbles ( torden- tracket ) . There’s even a ‘kurzstrecke’ towards some kind of brand new love ( bus to get her ).

Fans of Bjørn’s concerts and output, will appreciate the extension of his signature production styles – complex interwoven polyphony and multi-layered grooves, al- ways with a welcoming and inviting artistry.

  • Music by Bjørn Svin
  • Artwork by Egle Urbonaviciute

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2 Point 5 Step Pets

Release Date : March 14, 2019
Artist : Bjørn Svin
Catalog ref. : ENDPROC001
Format : Digital Download