Hanno Leichtmann known for his long career in electronic music creation as Static, Système or under his real name, and also with many more collaborations (Groupshow, Denseland, HLVT), brings his new solo album to Endless Process. Originally composed for the 4D Sound system during his residency at the Institute of Spatial Sound in Budapest, this stereo version has maintained a quirky spatial rhythm exploration, which never quite lets the listener settle into a comfortable groove. Produced by a minimalistic exploration of the parameter space transformations which can occur when voltage signals are Offset in a modular synthesiser patch. Hence the title.


Music written and produced by Hanno Leichtmann
Recorded during august 2017 at 4 D sound / SSI Budapest
Mixed and compiled 2019 at static music, Berlin
Mastered by Cristian Vogel
Cover art by Toby Cornish

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Release Date : August 1, 2019
Artist : Hanno Leichtmann
Catalog ref. : ENDPROC003
Format : Digital Download