Set and Setting is the first full length album from Vancouver based audiovisual duo The Automatic Message released on Cristian Vogel’s label Endless Process Recordings.

Set and Setting is a concept album that takes the listener on an epic journey from the beginning of time, through the formation of the Earth to the rise of conscious beings and the acceleration of our intelligence, as well as our arrogance. It takes us beyond the present, where the world as we know it ceases to exist – AI technology has taken over and what people are left have been left devoid of their humanity. The world crumbles, but in the final moments there is a hint that something new has arisen, that an evolution of a new world has begun.

The album is a mix of heavy electronic landscapes, abstract sounds and traces of techno-driven beats. It has been described as “moody and engrossing” with an “innovative sequence structure” and “surprising sonic moments.”

Cover art by The Automatic Message. Mastered by Cristian Vogel.

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Set and Setting

Release Date : November 16, 2019
Artist : The Automatic Message
Catalog ref. : ENDPROC004
Format : Digital Download